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Windows Shield Tool

Ever received a warning from a Windows shield tool telling you there are viruses, errors and similar malwares in your computer? You may be interested in reading this article on the fake Windows shield tool Virus. Makers of fake virus and spyware protection softwares have concocted different names and versions of their fake antivirus protection [...]

Windows Telemetry Center

The windows telemetry centre virus is a new version of malware that is marketed as a legitimate security tool. If your PC is infected, you may notice that this windows telemetry center virus show adverts enticing you to purchase a serial code or activation key supposedly to activate the software that can fix issues in [...]

Windows Smart Partner

Warning: Windows Smart Partner virus deceitfully markets the rogue Windows Smart Partner via non working serial keys, license or activation codes. Looking for info to remove windows Smart Partner? This post on Windows Smart Partner removal provides info on how to get rid of windows Smart Partner virus. What is Windows Smart Partner? The Windows [...]

Windows Smart Warden

Warning: The Windows Smart Warden is a fake antivirus protection tool. Do not fall to this scam as the Windows Smart Warden virus merely tries to impersonate legitimate security software so computer users will pay for this bogus software. This malware will generate misleading popups such as the following: Warning Firewall has blocked a program [...]