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Windows Basic Antivirus

The rogue Windows Basic Antivirus virus is a deceitful malware pretending as a security software and is trying to scam users by selling non working license or activation keys. Here’s an article on how to remove windows Basic Antivirus. What is Windows Basic Antivirus? The Windows Basic Antivirus can look like a software that can [...]

Smart Fortress 2012

The Smart Fortress 2012 may look just like any other antivirus product but this is actually a malicious software bound to scam computer users who do not know the program is a rogue software. The smart fortress virus simply imitates the look and even the characteristics of real security products so it is much easier [...]

Strong Malware Defender

Beware of the fake Strong Malware Defender virus. One characteristic of fake security softwares such as this Strong malware is that the scammers behind them make use of legitimate sounding names so as to give the impression that the program is a reliable software. The Strong virus wants to give the impression that it is [...]

Home Malware Cleaner

The Home Malware Cleaner virus is a malware that causes infected computers to show rogue windows advanced security center alert. This is an effort to convince computer users that the software has detected security issues in the computer. By making it appear that the computer needs to be cleaned, it becomes much easier for the [...]