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Google Pharmacy Spam

Search engine giant Google may have already launched a number of successful products but contrary to what several spam mails claim, the tech giant has NOT YET ventured on a Google pharmacy. Here’s a few text from the misleading Google online pharmacy spam that’s going around right now:

“We’ve just launched a pharmaceutical interfaces for Google, as well as several new features that will improve the Google experience for the people buying pills and using pharmaceutical interfaces.

We are really pleased to have worked on a launch that will help people use pharmacy and surgery.

We are currently working to make it available to even more users with more language interfaces.

Visit Google’s Accredited Pharmacy”

Google Pharmacy Spam

Things You Should Know
1. There is no such thing as Google pharmacy. It is likely that the cyber crooks who distributed the Google pharmacy spam are exploiting the popularity and name of the brand. The message may provide what is supposed to be a link to the Google pharmacy website but you will either be directed to a malicious page or an online pharmacy site that is NOT owned by Google.

2. Flag the Google pharmacy email as spam. If you have received the message, it is best that you mark the mail as spam as this may help your email service provider filter out messages like this.

how to mark an email as spam

3. If you have friends who have received the same google pharmacy spam mail, share this article and tell them Google online pharmacy is a hoax.

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